The Mind of Sai
Just another lady navigating through this chaotic path called life with whatever makes me happy.

Current Crafts Projects
Mask (2): 0% (on hold)
Tardis: Pattern IP (on hold)
Fox Scoodie: IP
Fingerless Gloves: TBD

I also do commissions for anyone who is interested (^-^)

I'm on Steam, so if you're looking for a gaming partner, send me a message.

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I remember chatting with some of you on how much I love the sofas at my college. Here are the pictures of some of the sofas in one of the study lounge. They are so comfy and the view is amazing. I can always be found here either doing homework or napping. I really want one of these sofas at home. Do you think I can get away with sneaking one of these out?