The Mind of Sai
Just another lady navigating through this chaotic path called life with whatever makes me happy.

Current Crafts Projects
Mask (2): 0% (on hold)
Tardis: Pattern IP (on hold)
Fox Scoodie: IP
Fingerless Gloves: TBD

I also do commissions for anyone who is interested (^-^)

I'm on Steam, so if you're looking for a gaming partner, send me a message.

Click below for my works

Creepy Sup Guy Plushie inspired by Marstar1234 drawing. The drawing was so cute I couldn’t resist crocheting one and with her permission, I was able to do so.

I created the pattern as I went along, using the drawing as a reference for size. It resulted in being 9” tall & 7” wide. Perfect size!

The Sup Guy is the icon for YouTube Let’s Play gamer ChaoticMonki (Cry). He’s an overall pretty cool guy with pretty cool videos.

Thanks again to Marstar1234 for letting me use her drawing as both a reference for my plushie and for a reference here in this photo set. You’re awesome!