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Just another lady navigating through this chaotic path called life with whatever makes me happy.

Current Crafts Projects
Mask (2): 0% (on hold)
Tardis: Pattern IP (on hold)
Fox Scoodie: IP
Fingerless Gloves: TBD

I also do commissions for anyone who is interested (^-^)

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I’m going to cry, no matter how I look at it, it’ll take me 2 hours to get to the place where I have to volunteer for school. Two hours just to get there and then two hours to get back home. I’m going to cry…

WIP Crochet Creepy Sup Guy Plush Doll #2! Been working on him for a while and he’s almost done. He needs his little legs and his head sewn on correctly this time



me as a teacher tbh

Blackberry Filled Cornbread Muffins

After being sick for the past week and not eating much, I has a serious craving for cornbread. I found this recipe on YouTube and the jam in the center made it amazing. Recipe called for raspberries but I preferred blackberries so I made that switch. Still delicious. Can’t wait until marionberries are back in season so I can make it with that.

Recipe here



I’ve been watching a lot of Sailoe Moon and Madoka Magica lately and have just have magical girls on the brain! So decided to draw Myself, nevermorex and chaoticevelyn as magical girls c:

This is so pretty and amazing! You’re the bestest! And look at me, you could say I am electrifying. ^-^

Fuck Grades

I was probably 2 points away on the final grade to officially being on the Honor’s List. Well that’s annoying…

Almost There

3 classes done and 1 more to go then finished! This is super satisfying because it’s been a difficult term. Not because my classes were challenging but because I absolutely DESPISED two of my classes. They were so horrible, the professors were really lacking and most of the classwork was utter bullshit. But it’s done, over! And I’ll never have to step in either of their class again.

I’m so ready to finish. Come at me final!! I got this!

Nothing says university finals than going to the bar with your presentation partner after presenting for a shot at 11:30 in the morning. I’m an adult!!

nevermorex I will have you know that I successfully put it all back together and the disc tray is now opening. I AM VICTORIOUS

Guess who now has their very own functional Xbox 360? This gal!

Guess who completely took the Xbox 360 apart and has pieces scattered all over her room? This gal!