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A disc slipped out of place in my lower spine. I am apparently prone to having back problems and this will probably be a common occurrence. Hurts like hell! Yesterday it took me about an hour just to stand up. It’s amazing how the smallest actions became so difficult with one slipped disc.

Spinal injury is the worst. Moving around hurts way too much

I love sunsets at the beaches.

Tunisian Crochet Markiplier’s Heroes Banner

After watching one of Markiplier’s videos a while ago, (You Are All Heroes, to be exact) I was inspired to make this. Took me over a month, from creating the pattern to crocheting it to finish it. It’s been nice to work on this because I kept thinking words of encouragements from Mark’s videos and from my friends. Things have been difficult since my university graduation and although things are no better now, I keep finding strength in these videos and from my friends to keep trying. This banner means hope, strength, and encouragement to me and a reminder that I can handle whatever life decides to throw at me.

Thanks for being you Mark

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams ( July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)

(Source: shewhodestroysthelight)


Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Do amazing things with your words, and don’t be afraid of your big ideas.

It’s Monday!

You know what this means? It means it’s time to apply for more jobs that’ll just reject me because I don’t have enough experience. But in order to get experience I need to get the job but the job won’t let me because I don’t have the experience. Hmmm…I think there is a flaw in the system…

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So I saw the largest spider I have ever seen (I kid you not, it was as big as my hand) so what did I do? Jump back on the couch screaming how can that spider be that big until my mom came in and told me to shut up. However, once she saw how big the spider was, she allowed me to squeal how can spiders be that big again. Never seen one that big before much less in the house before.

She managed to take the spider out of the house all the while I’m cowering on the couch. I’m an adult!!

Wild Blackberry Limeade

We have way to many wild blackberries so I searched through the web for recipes and found this one! It is super refreshing, simple to make, and taste like summer. This will definitely become another recipe that I’ll make every summer when the wild blackberries have ripen.

Here is the recipe  I replaced sugar with raw sugar because it is sweeter and you’ll use less of it. To help infuse the sugar, you can ground them so it becomes fine. I may also have added vodka to my drink. I am an adult!

I may have found a book that’s too sad to finish reading and I’m only on chapter 4. That’s a first.

Well then…back to the library